Funded in January 19, 2007, APA - Algarve Paragliding Association, is fruit of the work done by many pilots along many years in the Algarve.


Like other places in Portugal, in Algarve the Paragliding began to be practiced in a rather "anarchic" way. In the 80's, enthusiasts of this sport brought from abroad (France / Germany / Switzerland), the first equipments and a basic know-how of the sport. Encouraged by the episodes of the late TV program, Portugal Radical SIC, many of us started to practice free flight in an adventurous way. That was the 1st "Boom" of Paragliding in the Algarve.


At that time, the whole process of initiation and learning was done without any technical accuracy, it was possible to take a paraglider course in one / two weekends.


The progression as pilots was done mainly by the experience that each one was acquiring. Of course the result of the lack of technical and institutional support necessary for a normal and solid progression in the sport, was that many have started, but many more give up.

Anyway, some stubborn pilot didn't let die the dream of fly and make the practice of Paragliding in the Algarve a reality.


With the creation of FPVL - Portuguese Federation of Free Flight, it began to organize all the Paragliding sport component and associative issues, it was possible to move forward and create new and good schools of Paragliding all over Portugal.


This has provided the opportunity to create pilots and instructors able to carry out the development of the sport in a safe and sound manner. It is in this context that a new era is born to the pilots training in the Algarve.


The Wind school founds a delegation in the Algarve and invites the José Rosado to begin developing a teaching job and dissemination of the paraglider in the Algarve.


The new school allows to teach new practitioners and recover old ones. Betting on a continuous learning and relying on two main areas, security and autonomy, gives rise to a new "Boom" of popularity and the sport develops in Algarve lands.



Inserted in this context, the creation of the APA - the Algarve Paragliding Association was the next logical step. It allowed the energies and synergies to focus on the same goal, to make the practice of Paragliding in the Algarve increasingly secure and rewarding, trying to exploit the region's potential to the fullest and at the same time bridging the gap between the sport itself and the general society institutions  of the region, it was a must to pass the message that the Paragliding is a recreational sport, hugely rewarding, safe and accessible to all people.